Wednesday Workshops

Mid Week day trips visiting several beautiful locations on a planned tour, usually around 8 hours long.


Guides, tutorials and anything else you can download and learn from

Gift Ideas

Gift someone a day of photography in the countryside, or some time learning about flash portraits – or even an hour or 2 on ZOOM getting advice and guidance from AdeĀ 

1-2-1 ZOOM Training

Editing and processing tuition in the comfort of your own home, using ZOOM.

Ideal for people new to editing, getting started with LIGHTROOM or Photoshop is huge learning curve, so having someone to guide you is a real bonus.

For more advanced users, we can show you streamlined work flows and more advanced techniques

Evening Photography

Mid-week evening workshops – usually 3 hours long and all within 1 hour drive of Leeds. These will be portrait, night photography, landscape or creative workshops.

Special Events

Masterclasses and events – we’ve had fire breathing, car days and models in special locations.