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Booking on a Course

Our courses are limited in places and allocated on a “booking on payment” basis (which can be done online via paypal, or interntet banking if you prefer, contact us on for details). So please do book early as these may sell out and leave you disappointed.

Cancellation by Delegates

Why we can’t offer refunds or move you to a different workshop, AND stay in business

For our workshops to be worthwhile, we need to keep an eye on the numbers.

In this section, we explain how it works – and the impact of people cancelling on the viability of a workshop

To create a workshop, we need to work with numbers:-

  • Costs of the workshop – petrol + location hire + models + misc (£)
  • Number of delegates needed
  • Number of delegates booked
  • “Worth doing” workshop rate (£/hr)
  • Workshop Length (h)
Example Workshop

So here’s how it works – the numbers are chosen for ease, rather than actual real values

The plan – Portrait workshop, 4 hours, 4 photographers and 1 model

Costs = £5 (petrol) + £15 (hall hire) + £20 * 4 (model for 4 hours) = £100 COSTS

Lets say we need to make £20 per hour to make it worth while

We get the following numbers 

Number of delegates needed 4
Number of delegates booked
“Worth doing” workshop rate (£/hr) 25
Workshop Length (h) 4
Model Rate 20
Location costs 15
Other costs 5
Costs of the workshop – petrol + location hire + models + misc (£) 100
Worthwhile if full (delegates * worth doing + costs) 200
Costs per delegate 50
No. Delegates Takings Profit Rate
4 200 100 25
3 150 50 12.5
2 100 0 0
1 50 -50 -12.5


So in the above workshop, we have to calculate whether it’s worth running or not.

  • With 4 delegates – definitely yes
  • With 3 delegates – not ideal, but maybe
  • With 1 or 2 – we are making nothing or losing money, so this would be cancelled

Hopefully, you can see the impact of cancellation – in this scenario you would either half our rate or make us work for £0


So just like any pre-booked tickets for the theatre, concerts, trains, flights etc, we are unable to give any refund in the event of non-attendance, regardless of the circumstances.

The only exception is if we are able to “resell” your place, which is helped if you notify us early of your cancellation. You can of course sell the place to friends.

A refund can only be supplied if your place is resold.  In this event we will happily make a full refund or credit you for a future course.

Cancellation by McFade Training

We also reserve the right to cancel any workshop if there are not enough delegates, especially if we can’t cover costs for the session. In this instance, all delegates booked on will be refunded or transferred to another date. Please book as soon as possible on any course you are interested in, otherwise you may find that the course has been removed.

Poor Weather

One of the joys and frustrations of outdoor photography is the weather. Our policy is to run workshops regardless of the weather – we feel that learning to adapt to challenging conditions is a valuable exercise. Therefore unless otherwise stated, assume all workshops are going ahead as planned. We are unable to refund anyone who does not attend due to adverse weather conditions.

Late Arrival

Please allow sufficient time to travel to the agreed workshop start point, allowing for poor traffic and unexpected delays.

Whilst we will can wait a reasonable time for late comers, for the benefit of other paying delegates, we will begin the workshop before late comers arrive.

For single-location workshops, this will just mean missing the content at the start of the workshop – we will endeavour to cover this material later in the workshop, though may not have time to do so.

For “Discover” workshops (Cities and Landscapes), we may have left the agreed meeting point before you arrive. In this instance, it is the delegate’s responsibility to notify us (on 07766558375 or and make arrangements to find us.

Again, this is for the benefit of the other paying delegates to whom we shall be giving our full attention.

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