Phone photography for business owners – Malham Wednesday, 15 May 2024


Beginner Photography Workshop: Phone Photography Ideas for Beginners

Malham, Yorkshire – Wednesday, 15 May 2024

Hosted by McFade Photography & The Business Network Leeds

Join us in the Yorkshire Dales for a day focused on phone photography for business owners. Whether you have a team or you’re flying solo, you just need a smartphone to get involved.

This hands-on workshop aims to:

  • Boost mental well-being with a stress-free day in nature
  • Teach essential phone photography hacks and techniques
  • Provide smartphone camera settings for landscapes in the Malham area
  • Create a casual, non-networking day out, far from the daily grind

Arm yourself with your smartphone or DSLR as we traverse Malham’s captivating landscapes. You’ll not only get a breather but also pick up practical tips like smartphone camera settings for landscapes.

Unlock phone photography hacks and ideas for beginners while capturing the natural beauty of the Yorkshire Dales and taking candid portraits of each other.

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McFade Photography Presents: Phone Photography for Business Owners in MALHAM

Are you a busy small business owner in need of a change from your non-stop schedule?

Say no more. We’ve got just the ticket—a rejuvenating day out in Malham’s Yorkshire Dales. You’ll learn smartphone camera settings for landscapes, and how to take those frame-worthy portraits, all while basking in the natural goodness of the great outdoors.

Ade Wilson, your host and fellow Business Network member, will lead you through phone photography hacks that’ll up your game. Whether it’s snapping a team member or a rolling hill, you’ll learn invaluable techniques. Think of it as a double win: you’ll not only pick up new phone photography ideas for beginners but also bag yourself some mental health points by spending the day in nature.

Don’t dawdle—grab this chance to recharge your batteries and learn new skills. Sign up for our phone photography workshop in Malham today!

Check out last year’s highlight, Gordale Scar, in this video:

What to Expect

  • A stroll in the countryside that’s more relaxing than a Sunday roast, that how we do phone photography for business owners – slowly and lots of chatting and shooting.
  • Easy-to-grasp tips on phone photography for business owners, be it with your mobile or a proper camera, you’ll get lots of ideas to try on the day.
  • Company from other business folks—no need to know your ISO from your elbow!
  • Stunning landscapes that’ll make you want to pick up painting or write poetry—though, let’s not get carried away.

Meeting Place and Time: Phone Photography Ideas for Beginners

Gather at NOON in Malham, perfect for those keen to learn smartphone camera settings for landscapes.

Parking options include a pay-and-display car park as you enter Malham or roadside parking (which is free). Either way, we’ll rendezvous at the car park entrance. Handy to note, there are loos right there, so last-minute pit stops are sorted.

The Walk: Ideal for Phone Photography for Business Owners

We recommend boots for this leisurely, flat walk, although decent trainers should do the trick.

We’re tackling only the RED ROUTE—it’s more of a gentle meander than a lung-busting hike, so you’ll still have energy left for phone photography hacks.

smartphone camera settings for landscapes

From the Malham car park, we’ll follow the “red” path to Gordale Scar, making it the ideal setting to practice your phone photography ideas for beginners.

Noteworthy stops include:

  • Janet’s Foss Waterfall—great for practicing smartphone camera settings for landscapes.
  • A caravan serving coffee and snacks, ’cause who doesn’t want a brew in the Dales?
  • Gordale Scar—a landscape so epic, it practically begs you to test out those phone photography hacks.

(Note: If you’re up for round two in the future, consider the BLUE route. It’s a stunner, but you’ll be huffing and puffing a bit more.)

Alright, let’s throw in those keywords like they’re seasoning on a Sunday roast.


The Photography: Your Guide to Phone Photography for Business Owners

We’ll be clicking away all day—part of the fun is stumbling upon the unexpected, be it flowers, landscapes, or even the odd cowpat. Ideal for those wanting phone photography ideas for beginners.

1 – Photographing People: Phone Photography Hacks for Portraits

Businesses often need “people photos” for social media, so we’ll kick off with some tips. You’ll pair up—no romantic music, promise—and play photographer and model for each other. These techniques will equip you with phone photography ideas for beginners and experts alike.

Here’s our no-nonsense recipe:

  1. Find where the light’s coming from—unless you’re a vampire, sunlight’s good.
  2. Background check—any bulls or awkwardly-placed lamp-posts?
  3. Portrait or Landscape—it’s not just a question for gardeners.
  4. Rule of Thirds—photography’s best-kept secret.
  5. Brightness and focus: the unsung heroes of a good photo.
  6. CLICK—take the shot or better yet, loads of ’em.

2 – Photographing Flora: Smartphone Camera Settings for Flower Shots

We’ll likely encounter some plant life. Perfect for testing those smartphone camera settings for landscapes, or even better, for creating MEME-worthy pics.

3 – Capturing Landscapes: Smartphone Camera Settings for Stunning Sceneries

Phones are perfect for landscape shots. Learn to see the shot like a director sees a film: foreground, midground, and background. So you’re not just taking a photo, you’re telling a story. Clever, right?

4 – Waterfalls: The Pinnacle of Smartphone Camera Settings for Landscapes

With your newfound skills, make waterfalls like Janet’s Foss and Gordale Scar look like something out of a fantasy film. Got a tripod and camera? We’ll show you how to make the water look like something from a dream. And video? We’ve got you covered.

The Walk Back

We’ll backtrack, but trust me, it won’t be repetitive. The changing sun means new opportunities for phone photography hacks.

The Pub: Because You’ve Earned It

The Lister Arms offers good grub, cask ales, and a big garden. A bit of social lubrication never hurt anyone, right?

Heading Home

No strict end time here, linger at the Lister Arms if you fancy.

What’s Not on the House

Things that’ll cost you extra:

  • Parking and travel—because we’re photographers, not a taxi service.
  • Coffee and nibbles at the caravan—BYO wallet.
  • Food and drink at the pub—merriment has its price.


Right then, Ade, how’s that for jazzing up your workshop page? Got your keywords in there like a boss!


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