Make Your Phone Photos Look Amazing on Social Media

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Polishing Your Photographs

How you edit your phone photos makes a massive difference to the impact of your photographs on social media. This course is for you if you are busy on social media and don’t have a lot of time to spend editing photographs.

We will show you how to transform your ordinary Snaps into cool photos that grab people’s attention – in under a couple of minutes

Making Memes Made Easy

As well as polishing your photos – we show you how to add text and frames to many different photos to help you create Memes that get noticed, liked and shared.

Up your game online with this course

Free software

We just use your phone’s camera and Snapseed, a free editing app for Android and iPhone


Supercharge your SOCIAL MEDIA in seconds!

The difference between winning and losing phone photos is the EDITING you do to them – and it’s not hard to do!

Creating bold memes with photos almost anything is well within your grasp using FREE software for either iPhone or Android phones, in this series of 20 videos we show you how.

What do you learn

We start at the very basics of installing our favoured editing software, Snapseed. This can be installed on either iPhones or Android phones so it’s a great all-rounder.

Smartphones have improved massively over the last few years but there’s only so much you can do with the camera, so to get something truly eye-popping and stand out for your all social media accounts you need to to learn the basics of editing to get the most impact. Luckily this doesn’t mean learning Photoshop for 5 years like professional photographers have to do, do but using Snapseed and it’s huge bag of filters, with a bit of guidance from this video series, you will be creating fantastic images with frames and text in no time

The topics covered in this 20 video series are as follows

1 – Install Snapseed
2 – Opening a Photo
3 – Using the Preset Filters
4 – The basics of Tuning your photos
5 – Edit and crop on a real-life photo
6 – sharpen, structure and vignette
7 – Glowing railway landscape photo
8 – Adding text and frames to eggy bread
9 – Adding Contrast with Curves
10 – The Portrait Filter
11 – Product shot – lots of different looks from the same setup
12 – Some shooting settings you may not know
13 – Making a meme from a mug photo!
14 – Editing a low angle shot with text, frame and glow
15 – Grungey Background for memes
16 – Selfie Tips
17 – Using Lens Blur to remove distractions
18 – Rescuing a badly exposed cat photo
19 – Correcting perspective on building shots
20 – Arty background from the floor in Brussels Underground

To give you a flavour of the course, here are the first 3 videos showing you how to get started with SNAPSEED

Video 1 – Installing Snapseed

Video 2 – Opening a file in Snapseed

Video 3 – Getting started with PRESETS


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