A long long time ago…


I was a beginner too – my first camera was a “point and shoot film Olympus” which broke pretty quickly after 2 holidays.

I then got a Canon IXUS V3, which was the size of a packet of fags and was 3 megapixels – it went everywhere with me, on the bus to work, walk to the sandwich shop at lunch time, pubs… you name it.

All the shots were pretty rubbish to be honest, I’d no idea what I was doing – never heard of framing a shot or subjects, or the rule of thirds and lead lines.

Phones today make it look like a dinosaur, but it was a start…

That’s what our beginners workshops are about really – getting a group of people who like cameras out to places like Malham or Leeds Centre, and spending time showing you some cool things you can do.


Our workshops are aimed at all ability levels unless otherwise specified – this is possible because we visit great locations which everyone can benefit from seeing, then show everyone how I’d compose and set up my camera as a demonstration. 

After that we split up and we come around giving you the individual help you need, be that technical settings or compositional ideas and feedback. It’s all done at your pace so you can spend time practicing new ideas and techniques. 

Photos from our workshops

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