Photo Processing Tuition – Zoom


Processing Training – 1-2-1

Take your photography to the next level

Individual sessions for Photography Enthusiasts, designed to make:-

  • your workflow quicker, logical and repeatable
  • receive feedback on your work to help guide you on future shoots
  • essential editing tips to help your images shine

All done from the comfort of your own home via “Zoom” – where we can both share desktops and record the sessions so you can can refer back to them anytime.


McFade Processing and Workflow Tuition over ZOOM

Our 1-2-1 zoom training sessions are are for photographers who want to:-

  • learn more about the “managing” their images using Lightroom
  • editing their images using Lightroom, Photoshop and any other products (please check which products I’ve got first
  • getting feedback on their images and tips on how best to improve them – both at the shoot and processing
  • mentoring and guidance

These can be arranged for any mutually convenient time, so in the evenings or even on the weekends is possible

The sessions are in 1-hour chunks, you can can book as many as you like and take them in chunks of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours – though we find chunks of up to 2 hours usually gives you lots of info and inspiration till the next session.

They will be recorded using zoom and saved to drop back so you can refer back to the session anytime you like.

How can I help?

I am a commercial photographer so need to make my processing as effective and productive as possible, so have leveraged many of light rooms amazing hidden features to and manage my images.

Obviously a huge part of this is “editing” the images, so can offer advice on using Lightroom’s tools, and when to open up Photoshop or other software.

We can will use your images in all the tuition (if you like) so you can get Direct feedback and help on your own work, rather than watching random images being edited on YouTube. You can also stop and ask questions at any point to clarify anything that’s not clear. This is all about your and how you learn.

So the key topics I can offer are:-

  • Image management – importing, keywording, renaming, cataloguing, folder structures, exporting, making presets etc.
  • Image editing – Lightroom “Develop” tools, HDR, Panoramic, Photoshop basics, Photoshop Layers, Photoshop Masking and selections, NIK EFEX, ON1 RAW, Affinity Photo etc.
  • Feedback – ideas on composition, cropping, thought processes behind image creation, using focal points, leadlines and rule of thirds etc.


What do you need to do?

With this thing being online, there are some technology requirements:-


Firstly you will need a computer or tablet so with a microphone, speakers and ideally a camera attached. Pretty much every laptop is fine, your desktop can use a USB microphone if you haven’t already got one. We need to be able to talk!

  • ZOOM is really simple to use, I will send you a link in the email and all you need to do is click on it. The very first time you do it, it will prompt you to install its software – let it do this. Then you just need to follow the prompts and we we are ready to go.
  • Dropbox – we need to share your camera’s RAW files as quickly and easily as possible, so I prefer using Dropbox as for small accounts it is totally free. You will need to sign up for a free account which you can do from their website, then install the the Dropbox software if you like. Each session you will upload some raw files you wish to have help with, they will be copied across to my computer so I can import them into Lightroom ready for our session.

If you need help setting these up we can do this in advance, just let me know and I will help however I can.

So for each session I would recommend that , you we briefly discuss over email what you want to learn, often this will be your or latest photoshoot. Upload a series of images to our shared Dropbox, so that when we meet on zoom, everything is in place and we are good to go.

What Next?

If you are ready to get going, just add an hour or more to your basket and and pay via PayPal.

I will then be in touch as soon as possible to check that you are ok with the technology and and book a mutually convenient time to get started.



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