Personal Photography Training from Yorkshire Photo Courses


A day out with Mcfade’s Owner, Ade Wilson

  • Are you unhappy with the quality of your photos?
  • Do you wish your photos were more professional?

If so, this is for you, it will give you a day of learning what YOU want to learn in a location of YOUR choice.

This is a unique opportunity to get in-depth photography training, tailored to your needs. I have over 10 years of experience as a professional photographer and have taught hundreds of people how to improve their photography skills, in person, and thousands more online. I know what it takes to get you truly inspired and moving forward with your photography skills.

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The best way to learn

The best way to learn anything is to get individual tuition, and that is exactly what these days are all about.

Who is it for?

This is for you if you:-

  • have hit a plateau in your photography and can’t seem to progress
  • find yourself uninspired,
  • are finding a technique particularly difficult to master
  • are brand new and just want the basics explained by somebody who can answer your questions rather than fishing around on YouTube for hours looking for the right answers
  • want a day out in Yorkshire with a guide to show you the best bits and have his undivided attention all-day

What happens on the day?

It can be as formal or informal as you like.

  • If you have a list of things you want to get out of it that is brilliant, we can work through those on the day
  • If you just want to spend time shooting some amazing places with Ade showing you how he would do it – then helping you do the same – we can do that as well.

It is your day and we can accommodate pretty much anything… except climbing Big mountains!

Typical things we teach

It’s usually experienced people we’ve had on these days and they have hit some kind of barrier or want to master something new. here’s a list of things we’ve done..

  1. metreing and exposing manually – common thing!
  2. understanding the histogram and using it practically
  3. using filters for the first time
  4. how to use a Tilt Shift lens
  5. my photos are soft – how can I get them sharper
  6. composition – making things more interesting and what to look for – most common
  7. waterfalls – show me lots of waterfalls
  8. new camera and new to photography
  9. HDR – how to use bracketing to capture for HDR photos
  10. night photography – how to get stars in your photos
  11. super-long exposures using 10-stop filters
  12. perspective with different lenses – when to use the wide or long lens


Those are typical questions and requests, though through the 8 hours we’ll spend together, we’ll shoot and discuss all kinds of photography topics giving little gems of information through the day.




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