Peak District – Padley Gorge and Bamford Edge – Saturday, 16 November 2024


Saturday, 16 November 2024

Learn all the basics of landscape photography in a day without any jargon.

This course is perfect for enthusiasts, beginners and people who have been interested in learning more about photography but aren’t sure where to start. We’ll go through all the basics, including how to set your camera, use your lenses and what settings you need to know so that you can get good pictures straight out of the camera (without having to edit them). Our focus will be on achieving great results with minimal editing.

2 Contrasting Locations

Prepare for a day filled with boulders, mossy landscapes, vibrant leaves, and flowing streams, all set against the backdrop of breathtaking valleys and rugged rock formations.

Location 1 – Padley Gorge

Join us on an exciting photography workshop to the enchanting Padley Gorge in Derbyshire, one of the most captivating parts of the Peak District.

Located just a short 15-minute drive from Bakewell in the heart of the Peak District National Park, Padley Gorge showcases the splendid artistry of nature. The meandering River Wye has meticulously carved this gorge, adorning it with a tapestry of trees, blooming wildflowers, cascading waterfalls, and mysterious caves.

This workshop is ideal for photographers of all levels seeking to enhance their skills and techniques. We will capture the vibrant seasonal colours and breathtaking landscapes of this picturesque location within the National Park. Personally, I find great joy in zooming in on the river rapids and experimenting with long exposures, resulting in exquisitely sharp and serene rocks, moss-covered surfaces, and striking orange leaves.

As we venture through the woods, we’ll immerse ourselves in the lush mossy environment, anticipating a delightful carpet of vibrant orange leaves by late October. It’s truly a sight to behold!

Location 2 – Bamford Edge


Bamford Edge is a captivating destination for photography enthusiasts. Perched high above a breathtaking valley, this location boasts magnificent rock formations that offer an extraordinary vista to capture through your lens. Our aim is to bring you there well in advance of sunset, ensuring ample time to scout the perfect vantage point and acquire valuable insights into the finest techniques.

Drone photo showing the edge we’ll be visiting

From this elevated vantage point, overlooking the Derwent Valley reservoirs and treating you to mesmerizing views of Ladybower, you’ll have the opportunity to capture enchanting reflections of the sunset dancing upon the tranquil waters far below.

During the workshop, we will delve into topics such as composition, framing, the play of light, and more, empowering you with a deeper understanding of how to elevate your photography to new heights. We will be there to guide you every step of the way, nurturing your skills and fostering significant improvement in your craft.


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