Newcastle Quayside and St. Mary’s Lighthouse – Saturday, 20 April 2024


Newcastle Quayside and St. Mary’s Lighthouse –

Saturday, 20 April 2024

This workshop caters to photographers of all levels, with a special focus on enhancing composition, exposure, and long-exposure skills.

Join us for a full-day photography tour along the scenic lower Northumberland coast, culminating in capturing the beauty of the Newcastle quayside during sunset.

Discover the art of composing captivating seascape photographs, using the famous St Mary’s Lighthouse as a prominent focal point. Gain valuable insights into camera settings, including aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and the effective use of filters. We’re here to help you learn and explore any other aspects of photography that interest you.


Meeting at St Mary’s Lighthouse Car Park at 10AM – finishing on the Newcastle quayside around sunset

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Here’s why I love Northumberland


Experience the stunning Northumberland coast, with the Iconic St Mary’s Lighthouse just north of Newcastle. Visit the peculiar Seaton Sluice and Charlie’s Garden. Shoot the colourful huts at Blyth before finishing the day by photographing the Iconic Tyne Bridge at Newcastle Quayside at sunset. 

St Mary’s Lighthouse

St Mary’s Lighthouse is a classic white lighthouse structure on its own little island just off the Northumberland coast. At high tide the waves lap up over the causeway to the island,  so we can make surreal photographs with our neutral density filters. At low-tide we can go down to the rocks and find cracks in the rocks, limpets, pond fish, lines ropes and all kinds of things for foreground interest. It’s a real gem of a location. 

Seaton Sluice

Once we have finished at the Lighthouse we head up the coast towards Seaton Sluice and Blyth. This is a beautiful little village that has a huge rock known as Charlie’s Garden locally. The Sluice is a man-made passage through the rock, carved out hundreds of years ago – a curiosity well worth a visit 

Newcastle Quayside

Our final leg will be in Newcastle Centre, concentrating on the amazing Quayside area. 

Here we have lots of different Bridges to photograph,  the view from Byker allows us to see most of these lined up around sunset. Once the sun has gone down, all the Bridges are lit up making them perfect to photograph – and if the river is calm, we get amazing mirror-like reflections. 



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