Kingsdale & Thornton Force – Saturday, 7 December 2024


Kingdale Workshop – Saturday, 7 December 2024

Learn more about photography with this Kingsdale photography workshop.

If you are looking to improve your photography skills, step up your game and learn some new techniques then a full-day photo course is what you need. This Kingsdale & Thornton Force waterfall photography adventure will help you get better at composition, exposure, and have a better understanding of your camera.


Kingsdale – A Hidden Treasure in the Dales

Join us for a photography workshop in Kingsdale, North Yorkshire.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the landscape and enhance your skills in capturing Yorkshire’s wonders. Discover the art of using different lenses, mastering exposure, and composing captivating shots.

Throughout the day, we will explore the entyrety of Kingsdale, including the magnificent Thornton Force Waterfall. With its impressive unbroken drop into a picturesque plunge pool, this waterfall offers a stunning photography opportunity.

Watch our video describing this beautiful dale and what we’ll be seeing on this workshop

Here is a drone video we took in the area


Kingsdale, nestled within the charming Yorkshire Dales, we begin our journey at Thornton in Lonsdale and then gracefully wind along the western side of Whernside.

This picturesque valley unveils breathtaking vistas of Ingleborough as you embark on its lower stretches before transitioning into a tranquil, flayy bottomed valley expanse that stretches for miles. As you near the end, the landscape ascends steeply, offering panoramic views of the magnificent Howgill range and Dentdale.

Thornton Force

The absolute gem of this trip, without a doubt, lies in encountering the most enchanting cascade along the Ingleton waterfall walk—Thornton Force. Instead of embarking on the entyre route, we can conveniently park in Kingsdale and take a leisurely half-hour walk to reach this captivating beauty.

Meeting place

We will meet at the Marton Arms in Thornton in Lonsdale, This has a large car park which I’m sure will have ample room for us to gather. 

From this point, we start our Trek out of civilization and up Thornton Lane.  After a mile or two we pause for views of Ingleborough.  This is one of the more striking mountains in the whole of the Dales and the view from this point is in my opinion one of the finest. 

There are many limestone walls leading the eye to the mountain, we can use these in our compositions, and there are usually lots of sheep in the fields which add to that Dales feel. 

Boulders and Trees

Our next stop will be  2  walk up to some of the Limestone boulders on the side of the Valley which have small hawthorn trees growing out of them. 

The challenge here is to compose a lovely shot of the upper parts of Kingsdale with a tree and some boulders making up the foreground.  These are Classic photographs and worth practicing, because you can use these skills anywhere in the Dales.

Focus Stacking

We often show you how to use “Focus Stacking” here, so you get a nice sharp boulder in one photo, a sharp tree in the next, and the background sharp in the last. 

After this, we follow the path down to the river Twiss to find the cascades just before the waterfall and of course Thornton force itself. This is around 40 or 50 Feet High and has a beautiful shape to it,  with lots of rocks and foreground interest to use. Here we will show you how to use long shutter speeds to blur the water and shorter shutter speeds to freeze the movement so you can get different styles of Waterfall. 

Once we have finished at the waterfall, we will slowly head back to the cars to travel further up the valley, pausing in a few places to get some great shots of the Valley behind. You will see the flat bottomed Valley, straddled with ancient limestone walls. 

Deepdale and Dentdale Views

When we reach the summit of the road,  you will see one of my favourite views in the Dales,  looking into Deepdale. This is an offshoot from the parent valley, Dentdale. In the far distance, there are some striking rounded mountains called the How Gills.  This is one of those locations where a long lens works for landscape photos, so definitely pack your longer lenses for this workshop. 200mm is ideal. 

This is the view we will use for the sunset, so depending on the time we arrive, this will be the end of the workshop. If we have an hour or two to spare, we can travel down the hill to a pretty waterfall on the side of the road called Gastak Beck Waterfall. 

Who is it for…

The workshop is friendly and supportive with lots of time to stop, consider what you see through the lens, consider your settings, adjust your settings and try again until you get it right.

This is everything that I wanted from a photo course when I was learning (way back when…) : how to improve my photos so that I become a better photographer.

The walk to the waterfall is around a mile and a bit hilly, but we take our time – there’s no rush, so if you’re not at your athletic peak, you’ll be fine.


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