Discover Flamborough Head – Saturday, 24 February 2024 (Full moon!)


Discover Flamborough Head – Saturday, Saturday, 24 February 2024

Visit the lower part of the Yorkshire Coast for the start of our winter weekend workshops – we head down the M62 to Hessle where we stop off to shoot the 1 mile long Humber bridge. We can stand right below it! And there’s usually an ice cream van there too.

From here we head east to Bridlington for a spot of lunch and some street photography if people fancy trying it. It’s an old holiday town which has seen better days, so a great subject.

After we’re fed, it’s on to the main feature, the white cliffs, waves and caves at Flamborough Head – smugglers used these, there are still fishing boats, and the rocks are sensational. We’ll do sunset looking towards the iconic white lighthouse.

Meet at Hessle 9:00AM

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Sea and Shore Extravaganza: Navigating Waves and Wonders Photography Workshop

Capture the essence of Yorkshire’s vast coastline in this immersive Sea and Shore photography workshop, perfectly designed for both budding and seasoned photographers with a passion for the sea and structural marvels.

The adventure starts as we travel east, with the first stop beneath the impressive Humber Bridge. Spanning 1 mile across, you’ll have the opportunity to stand right below this structural giant, with the potential for a sweet treat from a traditional ice cream van adding to the charm of the experience.

Midday brings a shift of scenery and a pause for a delicious lunch in Bridlington, an old holiday town ripe with character and the perfect subject for those keen to dabble in street photography. Here, one can truly capture a slice of coastal life, now subtly weathered yet full of stories.

As the day progresses, we venture to the dramatic coastal landscape of Flamborough Head, where nature’s artistry is on full display. Discover the secrets of the white cliffs, witness the relentless dance of the waves, and explore the shadowy embrace of the smugglers’ caves. The fishing boats, the rugged rocks, and the array of natural textures offer a cornucopia of visual treats to explore with your lens.

Our finale is nothing short of magical, with a sunset session focused on the iconic white lighthouse of Flamborough. Under the warm glow of the descending sun, capture the serene beauty of the land meeting the sea, creating photographic memories that will resonate with the power and tranquillity of nature.

Join us for this Sea and Shore Extravaganza, where you will learn the technicalities of coastal and bridge photography and hone your artistic eye. This workshop promises to offer a bounty of visual splendours and professional insights that will elevate your photographic portfolio, leaving you with skills and memories to last a lifetime.

Never seen it before – Here are 2 Drone Videos of the area


The Humber Bridge

Welcome to our first breathtaking stop on this photography road trip: the colossal Humber Bridge. Spanning impressively across the River Humber, this bridge isn’t just a feat of engineering; it’s a photographer’s dream canvas. Here, we’re diving into the world of lenses and their magic. Ever wondered what different ‘focal lengths’ can do to your photographs? Well, you’re about to witness it first-hand.

Imagine capturing the grandeur of the Humber Bridge with a wide-angle 16mm lens, fitting its massive structure into a single frame. The expanse of the sky, the sweep of the river, and the bridge itself, all in one shot. It’s not just about size; it’s about perspective, about telling a story that words can’t quite capture.

Then, we switch to a 200mm lens. Watch as distant details leap forward in your viewfinder. Those tiny cars crossing the bridge? They’re not so tiny anymore. The distant shoreline? It suddenly becomes part of your story. It’s big, it’s detailed, and it’s an invaluable lesson in the power of lenses.


Bridlington: A Seaside Town with Character

“Our journey continues northeast to the quaint yet quirky Bridlington. Sure, Bridlington has seen its share of ups and downs, but that’s exactly what makes it photographically fascinating. It’s a blend of old and new, of nostalgia and the present. And yes, the fish and chips here? They’re an experience in themselves – imagine capturing the essence of the seaside with every bite, and the waves providing a rhythmic backdrop.

But there’s more to Bridlington than just good food. We have a special photography challenge planned here. It’s about capturing the essence of this seaside town – the gritty reality mixed with the charm. It’s about finding beauty in the mundane and telling a story through your lens.”


Flamborough Head: Nature’s Spectacle

“Next up, the jewel in the crown of our trip – Flamborough Head. This is where nature puts on a show. The chalky white cliffs, the cacophoney of birds, and the mesmerizing dance of the waves create a symphoney for the senses. We’ll explore caves (if the tide allows), and capture the dynamic interplay of light and shadow, shapes, and textures until the sun sets.

And let’s not forget the café at North Landing. It’s not just a place for a quick cuppa; it’s a vantage point. The view from here? It’s nothing short of inspirational.”

What We’ll Learn and Explore

“This tour is about expanding your photographic skills and vision:

  • Big Bridges: Delve into architectural photography and experiment with HDR techniques.
  • Storytelling: Unearth captivating scenes in Bridlington to narrate its story through your lens.
  • History: Discover and document the evolution and charm of this seaside town.
  • Coastal Waves: Play with shutter speeds to freeze or blur the dynamic waves.
  • Sunsets and Lighthouses: Capture the serene beauty of the day’s end with these iconic structures.

Essential Gear for the Trip

For this journey, versatility in your gear is key:

  • Long Lenses: Ideal for capturing candid moments and storytelling elements.
  • Wide Lenses: Perfect for expansive sea views and the architectural grandeur of Bridlington.
  • Tripods: Essential for stable HDR shots and long exposure sea wave photography.
  • Filters: A polarizer is your best friend for those blue skies and water reflections. ND Grads will help balance the exposure, especially during sunsets. 10-Stop ND filters are great for this workshop – make those surreal scenes with flat seas!

Who Should Join?

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting, this tour offers something for everyone. Advanced photographers will discover new perspectives and locations, while beginners will learn the fundamentals of composition, lens usage, and more. It’s a journey of discovery, learning, and, most importantly, enjoying photography in a safe and supportive group.




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