Beginners Portraits – Coming SUMMER 2023!


Learn The Basics – Coming SUMMER 2023!

Of Portrait and Speedlite Flash

Park Square, Leeds

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Taking Portraits

People are probably the most popular subject in photography, so in this beginners session, we aim to show people the basics of how to better capture portraits.

Using a city-centre office location, we will show you how to use your camera, lenses and flash to capture both headshots, half body and full body images.

What we’ll learn…

  • Camera Settings for portraits – using Aperture Priority or Manual exposure, white balance and exposure compensation.
  • Speedlite Flash – how to improve flash by “bouncing” the light off walls and ceilings
  • Lens choice – which lens works best in which settings
  • Composition – how much to you include in the shot, check your backgrounds

With these 4 key skills, we can practice portraiture with expert guidance and fantastic models.


Skills needed before attending this course

This is not a beginners photography course, we would expect you to know the basics of how to use your camera:-

  • how to focus on something and move your focus point if needed
  • how to change the white balance
  • how to switch to APERTURE PRIORITY and change aperture
  • how your flash works – the flash can be on AUTO

If you’re not able to do this, we’d recommend booking a 1-2-1 session with us to get you going.



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