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1-2-1 Flash Training


Most flash is used simply to lighten dark spaces where your camera can’t see, but it can be used for so much more.

Spending half a day with Ade and the model will show you how.

We will use your flashes, or you can use ours, to learn how to position one flash effectively, then to add a second and maybe even a third.

You will go away with your head full of ideas and memory card full of stunning images

You have probably used flashes before, they are fantastic lighting dark rooms and making portraits possible – but they really come into their own when you take them off the camera and position them around the things you are photographing. We will show you how the height distance and angle of the flash can make massive differences to your subject.

This workshop can be run wherever you like and you can bring your own model or we can find on for you.


Spring or summer it is possible to run this workshop outdoors, so it could be your garden or an urban setting or maybe even on a hilltop!

In the winter months it would be best to to choose a location indoors, mainly to keep dry warm and stop the flashes getting soaked in the rain!


The workshop will be paced and tailored to your current knowledge, we would expect you to have a good understanding of exposure and and metreing manually as a start Point, as we will be using manual exposure for the entyre day. Other than that we will show you all the things we do with flash to create images like those you see throughout our websites.

A typical workflow would be:-

  1. Find a location which has a great background
  2. Invite the model to stand in the position you want them
  3. Create the right exposure for the background by changing the shutter speed, ISO and aperture accordingly
  4. Now we we plan where to put the first light – set this upĀ and get the expose correct
  5. If you want to add a second light to do this now.
  6. Now shoot lots of images!!

We can work through all this several times in the session so you get lots of hands-on experience of both the creative side and the technical side.


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