Sheelagh Davidson LRPS

A landscape photographer based in West Yorkshire

Tell us about your photography “journey” so far…

I’ve had a camera since I was 8 when my godmother gave me one as a Christmas present, but that isn’t to say my photography has been a constant. I documented the family when the children were growing up but a demanding job got in the way of being able to spend as much time as I would have liked on it. When I retired it was the ideal time for me to be able to get to grips with something which rapidly went from being a hobby to being a passion.

PHOTO – Admiral Von Trapp wreck, Yorkshire Coast Workshop

Where do you want to go with your photography?

I simply want to be the best photographer I can be. Progress is slow at times and I often find myself on a plateau but then when I take a step forward it ramps up the enthusiasm all over again. I gained an LRPS 5 years ago and presently I’m busy entering BPE Exhibitions; I was advised to do this as a way of improving and learning and I would say it was good advice – exhibitions are challenging but also very rewarding .

PHOTO – North Landing on the Humber Bridge/Brid/Flamborough workshop

Which have been your favourite McFade workshops – what stood out?

I think the main thing which has stood out with Ade’s workshops is how incredibly well planned they are, I’ve enjoyed all of them and I believe I’ve done 5 to date. Ribblehead Viaduct, The Humber Bridge, Epic East Coast, St. Mary’s Lighthouse, and Malham – I have more planned too. If you know what you’re doing you can choose to just get on with it, or if you need help and advice you’ll find Ade to be an expert and patient teacher.

PHOTO – Malham Rakes Tree – Malham Workshop

What’s the most useful tip or technique you’ve got from a workshop?

I now understand how to properly use a histogram and after being introduced to filters, well that just opened up a whole new chapter for me.
Help with composition and learning how changing your point of view slightly can make a world of difference to the way an image looks. A tripod too is essential, which isn’t to say that you can’t take a good photo without one, but you’ll always take a better photo with it.
PHOTO – St Mary’s Lighthouse, Northumberland Workshop

What would you say to anyone new to Mcfade who it reading this right now?

I’d say try a workshop, you’ll have a great day out packed with different locations and numerous hints and tips along the way.

It’s always a pleasure meeting other students as it’s good to be able to talk photography all day long and not be worried you might be boring someone. The workshops are great fun and at the end of it you’ll have picked up more knowledge and come away with new photos for your portfolio too.

PHOTO – Scalebar Force, Ribblesdale Workshop

Enjoy some more of Sheelagh’s Photos 

  • Hoffman Lime Kiln, Ribblesdale
  • Royal Armouries, Leeds
  • Humber Bridge, Hessle near Hull
  • Salts Mill, Saltaire, Bradford
  • New Dock (formerly Clarence Dock), Leeds
  • Ribblehead Viaduct, Blea Moor
  • Sandsend, Whitby
  • River Ouse in York
  • Granary Wharf, Leeds
  • Winskill Stones, Ribblesdale
  • Staithes, Yorkshire Coast
  • The Sage Gateshead, Northumberland Workshop
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