Photo Editing Tuition

Take the ordinary to the extraordinary

Learn how a professional works with :-

  • Lightroom – for processing RAW files
  • Photoshop – for more advanced editing
  • Photomatix – for HDR blending and batch processing

We offer both classroom tutorials and are constantly working on our library of YouTube tutorials.

RAW Files, Photo Manipulation and HDR

Photo processing

Everything you need – LIGHTROOM

If you’re new to editing or are using RAW files for the first time, then we highly recommend trying Adobe Lightroom


New to Lightroom?
We’ll show you the basics of:-
  • Importing shots off a card – renaming, chosing folders, applying Presets, key-wording, meta data etc.
  • Basic editing – White balance, levels and brightness, colour, lens corrections etc.
  • Selective editing – Brush tool, grad tool, spot tool
  • Exporting – export for different use, watermarking, export presets

All this in one hands-on session – leaving you with confidence to use lightroom as your end-to-end image cataloguing and editing tool.


CLICK HERE – Keep an eye on the workshop schedule page for next run of this powerful workshop



And here is a link to a BLOG showing how we transformed a power station on a dull day into something very different…

Note we now use Lightroom 5 – so can show you the new Clone, Radial Filter and levelling tools.


Photoshop for Photographers



Lightroom allows only so much editing – to get truly creative, Adobe Photoshop is the answer – and the industry standard editing application. The image above uses layers, masks, blending modes and filters to achieve the gritty look.

We currently offer 1-2-1 training on Photoshop – helping you with topics such as:-

  • Tools – brushes, grad, colour picker etc.
  • Filters – overview of the main ones
  • Adjustments – curves, levels etc.
  • Layers – Adjustment Layers, RGB layers, blending modes etc.
  • Masks – how to get selective
  • Actions – work smarter
  • Batch Processing – for ultimate efficiency
  • Anything else – we can offer advice


HDR – Photomatix and Lightroom



We use both products, so can show you how to use either.

HDR is an amazing tool for situations where you can’t control the lighting – like architecture, landscapes and outdoor car photography.

Learn how we created did the above and below images it on this course.

Our HDR courses are based on photographing architecture surrounding hotel we’re working in – and includes:-

  • Lecture – on why we use HDR, and how we set up the camera to shoot for HDR
  • Practical – go out and practice taking images for HDR
  • Processing – learn a professional workflow using Lightroom and Photomatix, and tips on Photoshop/Lightroom


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