Business Networking Photography Days

Build Connections, Boost Skills and Wellbeing

Why Attend?

In today’s world, it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. And let’s be honest, that LinkedIn profile picture isn’t doing you any favours. That’s where McFade’s Business Networking Photography Days come into the frame. It’s more than just a workshop; it’s an opportunity to mingle with like-minded business folks, share a coffee or two, and maybe even snag your next big client.

Networking with a Side of Skill-Building

Join us for a unique experience that brings the corporate world and the creative industry together. It’s a win-win: expand your network while honing your photography skills.

Unlock New Business Opportunities

Surrounded by professionals from diverse industries, you’re not just learning how to take a decent photo; you’re creating opportunities for partnerships, collabourations, or simply broadening your professional circle..

A Mental Health Boost

Tyred of the four walls of your office? Need a breather? Our workshop offers a splendid break from the monotony, providing you with the healing touch of fresh air and nature. Switch off those email notifications and engage in something that’s not only skill-building but soul-soothing.

What You’ll Learn

See the World Through a Lens

  • Master the knack of identifying captivating subjects, be it a quirky piece of architecture or a stray ray of sunlight hitting a puddle. We’ll show you how to see the world in frames and angles, setting you on the path to capturing those “wow” shots.

Get Up Close with Your Preferred Subjects

  • Whether it’s people, landscapes, or your grandma’s cat you want to focus on, we’ll tailor the day to what tickles your fancy. Learn how to shoot portraits that pop, landscapes that dazzle, or whatever else you’re keen to get better at.

Simplify to Amplify

  • Discover just a handful of simple settings on your smartphone that can drastically improve your photos. Forget the overwhelming menus and dials; we’ll focus on what really matters.

Hands-On, Real-World Practice

  • There’s no substitute for doing, so you’ll get loads of practice time. Snap pictures to your heart’s content, mess up, learn, and snap some more. All this in the great outdoors, where every step provides a new photo op.
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